G8/20 Canada Corridor for the Media Centre

About The Project

Project: G8/20 Canada Corridor for the Media Centre
Date: June 2010
Client: DFAIT (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade)
Challenge: Production Design, Event Production, Operations

This project was both interesting and exceptional, as it immediately followed the wrap-up of the Ontario House venture for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Again, we worked with a diverse team of Cultural Programmers, Architects, and Exhibit Manufacturers to execute a fully-integrated concept, design and implementation plan that would be rolled out during the actual Event. To make matters more critical, this all happened within 60 days, a much abbreviated timeframe! The G8/G20 Event itself lasted five days from June 23 – 27, 2010.

The International Media consortium included over 3,000 professionals from a wide range of countries and media outlets. Our 37,000 sq. ft. “Oasis” was a new concept that had never been introduced before and, therefore, was developed from the ground up without an existing template.

To make the project even more challenging, we were given the task of marrying two diametrically different themes that were expected to be given equal weight. To ensure a seamless flow during the event, we also incorporated a “bridge” area that guided the guests from the serene, Tourism-Based Muskoka area, which reflected the G8 concept, to the Urban Cityscape which demonstrated Investment, Trade, and Commerce, the G20 theme.

Working with our internal team, we developed four key Media Content solutions. The first three included an 18′ high x 32′ wide HD video that ran for 70 minutes in Muskoka, a 9′ x 32′ HD video that addressed Canadian Tourism from coast-to-coast in the bridge area, and a large motorized screen that was used to show FIFA World Cup games.

The fourth area was the most complex. It involved the creation of eight massive structures that floated 11′ off the ground and reflected the tops of skyscrapers in an urban setting. Within those pieces were fifteen 50″ HD monitors, as well as over 80′ of LED panels that delivered messaging in a “ticker tape” mode. On the ground below were two smaller cityscape structures that were created from Christie Digital MicroTiles.

A Media Content delivery system was designed and built specifically for this project. By necessity, it was designed to be multifaceted, allowing it to mesh perfectly with the variety of formats being used during the Event. Our team also developed a complementary lighting design to coincide with both day and night modes, as the Event ran 24 hours a day for its duration. We never closed!

From an Audio standpoint, our lead audio engineer designed and developed a powerful multi-delivery system, which allowed us to unobtrusively manage three unique soundscapes. Working in conjunction with our Video Editor, we pre-built an extensive library of key HD Media content that played 24 hours a day throughout the event. As well, a “micro” media edit suite was created on-site, allowing us to take daily video footage shot in the Corridor, edit it and offer the finished product to any Media that required additional B-roll or back-story during the G8/20.

The execution of this internationally-focused project provided us with the opportunity to showcase our logistical expertise in the creation of a massive media centre within a very concentrated period of time. The Event was an unqualified success with both the International Media and our Client, who were equally thrilled with the final results.